“Enfants de Lumière” (Children of Light) is a Lebanese charitable association founded in the year 2002 by a group of dynamic young people.
Its main concern is helping needy families trying to make their life livable.

Touched by the huge amount of poverty, a consequence of 30 years of the Lebanese civil war, we felt the urge of standing next to poor families helping them to overcome the burdens of poverty, bringing them back their dignity and ability of becoming healthy, educated and self sustained.

To give a helping hand to a desperate, abandoned, needy human being is giving him hope and peace!
Hand in hand full of faith in God and in ourselves, full of enthusiasm, we moved ahead disregarding any discrimination; religion, gender, or color.
Operated entirely by volunteers we’ve built teams to fulfill our tasks.
All teams’ members believe in one phrase; together we’re strong!


Ghada Abela (President), Josephine Mouawad, Samia Bakhos, Jihad Nasr, Ziad Nasr, Sherine Fayad, Shady Fayad, Wadih Elias.


Lena Homsi (Head of the Committee), Ghada Abela, Josephine Mouawad, Samia Bakhos, Nathalie Rahal, Nada Karam, Sherine Fayad, Shirine Nassar, Jacqueline Semaan, Roula Samaha, Marleine Roux, Ranya El Hajj, Dany Khayat, Samar Chammas, Marie-Joe Shedid, Carole Boulos, Tina Kahalle, Joumana Azour


Samia Bakhos, Josephine Mouawad, Jihad Nasr, Sherine Fayad, Wadih Elias


Josephine Mouawad, Mirella Assaf, Ziad Nasr.