In response to the growing poverty within our community, we launched "DONATE FOOD" in collaboration with major Lebanese supermarkets in January 2008. Positioned as a beacon of hope, this initiative strategically places boxes at supermarket entrances for shoppers to generously deposit food items. Collected donations fill the shelves of our dedicated "shop," where, at the beginning of each month, underprivileged families shop free of charge, bridging the gap between surplus and scarcity.

With 40 containers ready to provide monthly sustenance for over 300 families (approximately 2,000 individuals), our commitment extends beyond staples. During holidays like Christmas, we spread joy by distributing chickens, "Bûches de Noël," and "Maamoul." Celebrating the one-year milestone, we reflect on the impactful ripple effect—dedicating ourselves to alleviating hunger and fostering a community where the spirit of giving flourishes year-round.


Many dedicated housewives find joy in actively participating in our mission, and it's this passion that gave rise to the heartwarming initiative known as the "Loving Pot." This culinary endeavor transcends the boundaries of individual households, as the pot journeys from one home to another. Here, each housewife imparts her culinary skills to craft a special meal destined for a specific place, often an orphanage.

The magic of the "Loving Pot" lies not just in the carefully prepared meals but in the genuine love infused into every dish. Typically feeding 40 to 60 individuals, each recipient experiences the pleasure of consuming a meal made entirely with love.

The choice of its name, "Loving Pot," was no random selection. Every generous lady fortunate enough to host the pot in her kitchen attests to the profound impact, saying, "I felt it, I felt my home filled with love while cooking." This initiative not only nourishes bodies but also enriches the lives of both the givers and the receivers, creating a beautiful cycle of generosity and warmth.


While our primary focus remains on the monthly distribution of essential items such as food and clothing, our mission goes beyond mere sustenance. We are dedicated to fostering a sense of dignity and ensuring that the underprivileged can revel in life's special moments.

An annual highlight unfolds during the festive seasons of Christmas and Easter, where a special operation takes center stage. This initiative aims to infuse joy into the lives of the less fortunate by distributing a myriad of items, including toys, Christmas cakes, gifts, chicken, Easter sweets, and dairy products. Through these efforts, we strive to create an atmosphere that allows these families to savor the festive season, ensuring they can partake in the celebrations just like everyone else. It's not just about meeting basic needs; it's about enriching lives and fostering a sense of inclusivity during these special times of the year.


Each summer, the vibrant youth group of Enfants de Lumière orchestrates an uplifting camp tailored for the children within our extended families. This annual endeavor is not merely a getaway; it's a purposeful initiative designed to provide these youngsters with a blend of recreation and education, all within the confines of a safe and positive environment.

Nestled in the serene mountains, far from the hustle and bustle of the city's pollution, the camp spans five enriching days. Here, the children embark on a journey filled with a diverse array of activities—ranging from physical and mental challenges to engaging lessons on hygiene, teamwork, and art crafts. Beyond the mere escape from urban life, this camp serves as a transformative experience, instilling valuable life skills and fostering a spirit of camaraderie among the young participants. It's more than just a summer camp; it's a holistic approach to nurturing the well-being and development of these bright souls.


Support for our mission takes on various beautiful forms, and "Outing for a Cause" stands out as a remarkable example. With a modest contribution, individuals have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the splendor of Lebanon's picturesque regions, all while making a meaningful impact on our cause.

In exchange for a small fee that directly fuels our mission, participants enjoy a day filled with exploration, adventure, and laughter in one of Lebanon's scenic locales. It's not just a day out; it's a chance to contribute to something greater while relishing the beauty that our country has to offer. The experience encapsulates the joy of giving and the pleasure of discovery, creating a harmonious blend of philanthropy and leisure.