Having realized the size of poverty and its growth in our community we could not just stay put! Families facing extreme poverty are simply unable to get enough food to eat! Therefore, offering food to a poor person would contribute to eliminating one of his burdens.
In January 2008 a new project was born!” DONATE FOOD” in partnership with Lebanese major supermarkets!
“Donate Food”, our hope will be then, the battleship we rely on, against poverty.
At the entrance of each participating supermarket, we will be putting a box of pre-set-size where customers are expected to deposit food upon leaving the shop. The donated items will be later collected and placed on shelves again at our “shop”. Unprivileged families will come at the beginning of every month to do their shopping completely “free of charge”.
Today 40 containers are there ready to provide food for a list of more than 300 families or approximatly 2,000 persons on monthly basis!
Chickens, “Bûches de Noël” and “Maamoul” are also distributed on the respective holidays throughout the year.


A lot of housewives love to help or take an active part in our mission!
That is when the Loving pot saw the light of day!
Its main role is to circulate from a home to another, where the housewife cooks in it a special meal meant to be sent to a specific place, particularly an orphanage!
Usually, 40 to 60 persons get the pleasure to eat from this meal, prepared, totally with love!
Its name, “loving pot “, was not randomly chosen!
Every generous lady who had the chance to receive the pot at her kitchen said:
“I felt it, I felt my home filled with love, while cooking!”


Food and clothing are distributed on a monthly basis and donating food is certainly the primary focus of our mission, but we do our best to allow the underprivileged to live in dignity and enjoy the special moments in life as much as possible.
Every year, a special operation takes place on both Christmas and Easter time, where toys, Christmas cakes, gifts, chicken, Easter sweets, dairy products and many more are distributed to all the families, aiming to let them enjoy the festive season like everybody else.


Every summer, the youth group from Enfants de Lumière organizes a camp for the children from all our families.
It is an occasion to give those kids a recreational and educational time within a safe and positive environment.
The camp usually takes place up in the mountains where kids get the chance to escape the city's pollution and spend 5 days enjoying various activities, learning about hygiene, teamwork, art crafts on top of physical and mental activities.


Help comes in many shapes and forms and Outing for a Cause is one of them!
By contributing with a small fee that goes to support our mission, people get the
chance to spend a day in one of Lebanon's beautiful regions, explore the area,
have fun and have lunch.